About Us

Chawla Finance is launched in market with a mission to be the best institution to provide Financial services to the unserved and underserved customers and transform to a mass market bank.

Chawla Finance a.k.a CFC Finance is launched in market from 2019 to serve all the financial needs of lower income and middle-income groups of the society.

We offer Financial Services :

  • Used Car Loans
  • Home Loan
  • Loan against Property
  • Gold Loan

The focus remains on the vast lower income and middle income groups of the society, spread across urban, semi urban areas, and including formal and informal sector.

We firmly believe that the difference between a good business and a great organisation is the integrity of its people. We will conduct ourselves ethically and transparently in all our dealings, both internal and external.

We will maintain an environment which fosters creativity and encourages innovation. We believe that this will enable us to attract, retain and nurture the best talent and develop the business and thought leaders of tomorrow.

We will build an organization which has a positive mindset. By conducting every interaction with respect and consideration, we will create a self-reinforcing culture of success.